Avant Garde Ballroom

1502 E. Warner Ave. / Santa Ana CA 92705

Michele Adams


Dance Addiction

To Swing, Hustle & Country

1st Saturday Dance
April 7th

Chicken Tacos
at 7 PM

Special Guest Instructor
Trish Connery Walkup

5:30 PM Int. Hustle
6:15 PM Int. West Coast Swing

5:30 PM Beg. Hustle
6:15 PM Beg. West Coast Swing
Guess Instructor: Andre Castillo

$15.00 PP
Workshop & Dance
$12.00 PP Workshop Only
$12.00 PP Dance Only

Meet the Host

Trish Connery Walkup

  • 4-Time U.C.W.D.C. World Champion
  • Multi-Year Finalist at US Open
    Swing Dance Championship in
    Strictly Swing Division
  • Currently Competing in All-Star
    /Pro/Champion level in West Coast Swing circuit and Pro/Pro Division On U.C.W.D.C. circuit
  • Her Company is DanceChatter.com

  • Meet the Host

    Michele Adams

  • Multi Award Winning Pro Am Instructor
  • Regional Swing Champion
  • California Swing Hall of Fame Inductee
  • U.C.W.D.C. Pioneer Award Winner
    Hustle Diva

  • Meet the DJ

    Martin Parker

  • 2015 World Swing Dance Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2016 3 Times California Swing Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2 Times US Open Swing Dance Champion
  • 2 Times World Swing Dance Cup
  • Wimmer of 12 Top Teachers Awards
  • Multi Finalist in Standard Ballroom
  • Founder of Renowned Instructor of DanceScene Dance Studio

  • Michele Adams

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    (562) 824-8393